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Activation powder is an inorganic salt of hydrogen peroxide which acts as carriers. When this hydrogen peroxide reacts with aqueous solution then it forms peroxy acids which are then mostly used with SSD solution. Activation powder online is the widely used chemical that is used for cleaning black money. This is generally used in combination with SSD (synthetic surfactant detedent) solution chemical. Best quality of activation powder is used for cleaning all the different type of impurities that are present on bank notes or currency. Activation powder is used to increase the rate of reaction or increases the potential of SSD solution chemical. chemical reaction. Are the ones that trigger. It should be used only by the experts and when properly applied in the cleaning process of the black money by converting it to black, white and green currency. Activation powder is the inorganic salt that is accompanied by the SSD solution for cleaning black money. This inorganic salt when reacts with standard SSD chemical and applied on the defaced money of any type lifts the excess defacing inks or currency dyes and leaves the desired result.Use activation powder to clean black money and remove power when SSD solution is not available. Appearance wise activation powder is a white o yellowish white crystalline powder that is greatly soluble in SSD solution but is cannot dissolve in pure water and is partially soluble in impure water. This generates no offensive smokes or fumes during cleaning, posses zero risk to the customers or technicians health and is easy to handle. Activation powder can be easily transported from one place to anotheras this chemical is non flammable which is also a greater advantage which this chemical posses. This Activation powder is environment friendly as it is biodegradable which also makes it easy to dispose this chemical safely without disturbing the natures balance. This can be used for cleaning all types of currencies like Euros, dollar, pounds and any other currencies. We sell the entire potential chemical that are capable to clean damaged, tainted and defaced currency without compromising the actual quality of the currency. The chemicals which we provide are 100% pure. You can buy activation powder online and for more information please do contact us, we are willing and ready to fulfill you demand to the best of our capabilities.


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