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Ssd stands for synthetic surfactant detedent, it is used as prefix of the word solution chemical and solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more chemical substance. There are 3 Main elements in SSD (synthetic surfactant detedent) solution chemical which are sodium chloride, sulfuric acid and sulphated ash. This is a brown liquid and has chocking effects. It is soluble in water with pH level of 7 which makes it neutral in nature. The residue after reduction is approximately of 0.5 %. When it is tested mercurous salts can be traced. Its loss of dying is 0.5% at a specified temperature of 105 degree centigrade. Only 0.2% of sulphated ash can is found in it. Its prepration is carried out in well established labs where amount of solvent volume, amount of solute mass and final solution volume plays an important role. Its proper constitute make it essential for anti breeze or black currency (This is the money which is being produced by imitating the actual currency) cleaning. SSD solution are best in market when it comes for cleaning coated currency, stamps, defaced currency, anti breeze bank notes and marked notes. SSD solution chemical is the most effective products that gives best result from its single use and when compared with other potential black money cleaning chemicals. It should be used only by the experts and when properly applied in the cleaning process of the black money by converting it to black, white and green currency. This generates no offensive smokes or fumes during cleaning. This posses zero risk to the customers or technicians health and is easy to handle. This can be easily transported from one place to another as this chemical is non flammable which is also a greater advantage which this chemical posses. This chemical is environment friendly as it is biodegradable which also makes it easy to dispose this chemical safely without disturbing the natures balance. Previously it was necessary to mix mercury powder or activation powder in the SSD solution to make it effective in removing dyes and strains from the defaced currency but this solution is advanced version of the previous chemical which automatically acts to add perfection without requiring extra chemicals and becomes as effective as SSD solution automatic. The chemicals which we provide are 100% pure. You can buy SSD solution chemical online and for more information please do contact us, we are willing and ready to fulfill you demand to the best of our capabilities


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