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Money is one of the things that found everywhere. The currency note that we are handling now is circulated from places and reaches our hand finally. It may get worse and may fill dirt. In some areas, these types of dirty notes may be invalid. During this time, it is tough to circulate the notes in any place. People may hesitate to get old and dusty notes. But we can throw away the notes as simple. So the cleaning solutions are introduced in the market to clean the dirty and damaged records and to reuse them.

Humine Activation powder is one of the leading chemical powder used to clean the defected money to recover the better. Any money such as black money, stamp/stained banknotes can be
treated well from any distorted condition. 

Usage instructions:

Take a bowl of water and mix the two table teaspoon of Humine Activation powder gently. Allow a couple of minutes to get mix up with the solution.
Gently immerse the dirty notes in the bowl in the solution. Sock gently on need without damaging the notes You may easily witness that the dirt in the notes is removing from the notes.
Wipe it gently for some time Dry the notes by exposing to the heat at a minimum level


Easy to remove the strain 
Quality of the notes have remained undisturbed
Can obtain the notes as original and fresh
All types of currencies such as the Euro, Ponds can be cleaned.

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