RUSSIAN RUBLE Counterfeit Money Banknotes

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In 1998, this set of five Russian rubles came into power in Russia and because of heavy inflation this was discontinued and these are hard to find in normal circulation. These Russian rubles are light green in
color and their design is dedicated and inspired from the famous Russian city, known as VelikyNovgorod. When the currency is crucially examined then one can find the Saint Sophia Cathedral ofbNovgorod and the river Volkhov, the Millenniums of Russia, in the background of the currency. The currency is made unique by two watermarks and with a unique security number for each banknote. There are special denominations for visually impaired individuals like on the lower left hand corner there are raised dots which are also called as intaglio style printing for specially challenged citizens. One of the distinct features in the Russian rubles is that they have randomly distributed blue, yellow and red color threads running all over the currency. These security measures and advance technology which Russian banks uses make it a challenging task for use to reproduce these currencies in a way that it appears original and serve the purpose without being caught but since we have mastered our techniques thus circulates around the world. These are cheaper and safe, as reviewed by our users. This is the money is designed by successfully imitating the actual currency. You can purchase Russian rubles Counterfeit money online at ISSDCHEMICAL.COM and can get it delivered at your door step. For more information please do contact us, we are willing and ready to fulfill your demand to the best of our capabilities.


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